How to Pick the Perfect Monitor Mount Like a Boss?

Unluckily the mount or stand that came with your monitor is not of a good quality. They will just hold up the screen and make its stand on your desk, and that’s it. Most of the stock monitor stands coming from the manufacturers lack the viewing options and ergonomics. By replacing it with a dedicated stand, you can easily enhance your workplace. Here are the ways to choose the perfect PrimeCables monitor wall mounts like a pro.

  1. Ensure that your monitor is VESA compatible

In other words, having the authorized standard mounting holes back drilled strictly directly into the steel frame of the monitor itself, letting any compatible mount to be screwed in. VESA 100 is the preferred standard, but super-sized monitors more than 35 inches have larger needs. Some smaller screens which are not VESA compatible may require their own customized stands from the manufacturer.

  1. Freestanding mounts: ergonomics on a budget

They are just a mere replacement for your standard monitor mount or the stand. They just attach to your monitor at the top. By replacing it with a third party stand provides you with more options, like greater height, panning and tilting, rotating it in the landscape mode etc. There are many models with the spring loaded rising mechanisms and integrated cable management, but if you are seeking a freestanding mount, go for the cheapest option available to you.

  1. Side-Clamp Desk Mounts for Maximum Desk Space and Flexibility

You can also use a clamp style mount which can easily attach to a riser pole or arm to the desk’s side. This lets you clear away the desk space pronto beneath the monitor with no need to resort to a permanent or semi-permanent installation. You will require a desktop that will extend beyond the legs or support just by mere inches. Most of the modern computer desks do but conventional or traditional with boxy shapes are deemed incompatible. You can install this easily and it needs only a screwdriver and a little effort to secure the clamps in place.

They are simple, requires only a few pieces of steel with multi-jointed arms which are further supported by tight bolts or gas-spring mechanisms which suspends the monitor over the desk and nearer to your face. As a matter of fact, the construction is too easy that you can build one by your own means with a few basic tools.

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