5 Winning Guidelines for Using the Backlinks SEO Strategy

Everyone in digital marketing talks about SEO and the important elements that drive your ranking on search engine result pages. These components are also important for driving traffic to your website.

Exceptional content, metatags, keywords, and backlinks are the SEO strategy components. While the other three get mentioned frequently, backlinks are forgotten by some marketers and where they have been heard of, their use is inappropriate.

What are backlinks?

Basically, these are the inbound links from other websites. Even by just being hyperlinks from another source, they contribute to higher page ranks and more traffic. For these reasons, they are loved by many. Unfortunately, they aren’t used appropriately by most. To avoid avoidable mistakes, follow the following Chicago search engine optimization through backlinks guidelines:

  1. Go for high links from high-ranking pages

SEO and your ranking on search engine result pages rely on algorithms run using bots and spiders to crawl your website content and present backlinks. The gathered information is used to rank your page.

SEO Chicago and all other exceptional SEO experts recommend use of backlinks form highly ranked pages. The associated high-ranking page authority results in trust and a higher rank.

  1. Set out to get organic backlinks

These are backlinks that mostly result from your networks and relationships. To build these relationships and networks, the first step would be writing articles, having case studies substantiating your content, infographics, and giving press releases or blog posts.

Constantly refreshing your blog content and articles or being active on social media (engaging with visitors, responding in time and sharing other businesses’ content) and other on-site Chicago search engine optimization tactics like posting on other websites as guest bloggers increase the number of organic backlinks.

  1. Note that you don’t always need the backlinks

This is a tougher move but it will boost traffic to your site. Instead of backlinks, you can take advantage of your unique keyword or phrase. When your keyword faces less competition, ranking on search engines is simplified. The other working alternative is when you already have authority backlinks. The few SEO Chicago backlinks from authority webpages will facilitate high ranking, thus you have no reason to search for more of these.

  1. Few equals high ranking

You don’t need many links to your website, especially when they are from low-ranking pages and websites. Some of these links could be spams or simply irrelevant. Google’s algorithm and engines like Moz recognize the quality of the links, not the numbers.

  1. Send testimonials

Another way of getting high-quality backlinks without too much effort is by sending testimonials for products or services you love. The websites always ask for your link and what better way to build your backlinks and climbing up the searching result pages’ ladder fast? Listing your business in directories and review sites is also an incredible offsite SEO strategy.

In conclusion, backlinks are important for search engines to ascertain the authority of your page thus determining whether your business will be listed top on the search engine result pages, on the first page or on the subsequent pages, which are visited by very few, if any, visitors.

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