Infor Works On Creating A Social Network Of Companies

Infor bought GT Nexus and this is seen by many as the start of a really new era in the development of the company. This comes to the market in a moment when many brand owners are outsourcing the manufacturing process to the contractors. Something created in-house is rare these days. Companies understand how important it is to save the money and that the options offered through innovations done by specialized software developers are better. Infor’s Charles Phillips always looked towards making everything perfect for the client so it should come as no surprise to notice the new development, trying to create a company social network.

The Creation Of Multi-Enterprise ERP

Most of the work that was done by Infor in the past few years was focused on the multi-enterprise ERP concept. This concept is definitely not new. It has been discussed many times in the past but it is this software service provider that tries to make it become a reality. Connections between companies are now stronger than they ever were, mostly because of how the internet evolved. The influence of social media is definitely a thing of high interest in this topic. Creating a network with companies and making it social is something that helps since it can make business partnerships a lot easier to negotiate.

ERP As A Market Opportunity

Infor’s move towards an ERP focus is something that is really important at the moment because Oracle is working hard to become the most important cloud software company through a potential Salesforce acquisition. While Oracle does try to do this, Infor remains focused on ERP, thus putting an emphasis on a chain with a value that is not actually understood by most of the competition.

A really big problem in the industry is that the companies end up using specific software and do not know that much about what the partners do. This does include contract manufacturers, retailers and customers. The idea of being able to properly communicate is something that needs to be taken into account at all times due to the huge potential that appears. For instance, in the event that a problem appears with the supply chain, the social network for companies is going to allow members to instantly know that this happened.

A value automatically appears for those that would move to this chain. It is what Infor does in a unique way at the moment. It is wonderful for their customers since customers and various business opportunities simply are tracked faster and better. The problem in most business supply chains is a lack of information. Partners do not know what is needed and valuable time can be lost while communicating through the regular channels.

A true value that is associated with Infor is that they do not try to compete with Oracle and with other players in the market. The focus is put on innovation and development. That is why Infor is definitely different than the other big players in the ERP market.

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